CIT Academy

CIT Academy


Basic Course Level 1

for laymen, therapists, trainers and doctors

"Fascia Self-Therapy and Resilience Training with the Fascia-ReleaZer®":

Dates:        03.06.2018

Times: 10 am to 7 pm

Venue: Center für Integrative Therapie, Ahornstr. 31, 70597 Stuttgart

Fee: 279,-€

Early bird discount up to four week before the course starts: 249,- €

Rental fee Fascia-ReleaZer® for the duration of the course: 25,-€

Special price for the Fascia-ReleaZer® combination, if it is ordered in the course of the seminar booking: 163,- €



  • Fascia - an organ of perception
  • Stress: dangerous and necessary
  • The prefrontal cortex (forebrain) - a pillar of strength
  • Influence the autonomic nervous system
  • Pain, a widespread disease: possible solutions
  • The effect of vibration and frequencies on water/body
  • Instrument-supported fascia self-therapy
  • Practical instructions for whole-body therapy
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training with the Fascia-ReleaZer®
  • Resilience training


We would be happy to send you more detailed information upon request to JUpXQkRLTFZEUUxKS2VGQEtRQFcIQkpXQUpLC0FA@nospam. You can also register directly via the registration form.