CIT Academy

CIT Academy


We need your support!

We are looking for subjects with chronic back pain who are interested in participating in a new self-help study.

You will learn self-help techniques and apply them for several weeks!

Check for yourself whether you are eligible:

18-70 years
Chronic lower back pain for at least 3 months

Acute herniated disc
Acute and general inflammations
Cardiac pacemaker
Severe depression
Drug addiction

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

We would be very pleased about your active support!

News from the Athletics World Championships in London:

Fascia-ReleaZer®  gives Justin Gatlin gold: Read the article by clicking on the pdf link!




The Fascia-ReleaZer REALLY WORKS!!

"As a coach of many professional track and field athletes, I know through experience that injury prevention is a big part of preparing my athletes for a championship season. With this knowledge many companies and individuals claim to have the next big thing to help me with the pressing issue of injury prevention. When I was introduced to the Fascia-ReleaZer, I was immediately impressed. This tool is the real deal and more importantly it REALLY WORKS! I am as a coach totally trusting that the Fascia-ReleaZer will and has helped my athletes perform at the highest level!" 

Dennis Mitchell, Coach of Justin Gatlin (100m Sprint, World Champoin 2017, London)

  • Basic seminar for lay persons, therapists, trainers and doctors:

„Faszia self-therapy and resilience training with the Fascia-ReleaZer®“: Stress competence training in a healthy body

Date: Centre for Integrative Therapy: 09.12.2017

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Television report about our work on the topic of stress and pain management - SWR regional news programme (06.04.2016)