CIT Academy

CIT Academy

International Certification Course: Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy

For physiotherapists, osteopaths, physicians, sports scientists and other medical professions
A novel, evidence-based, sustainable methodology for pain and stress reduction


3th - 8th of January 2019


The focus of the certification course in IFT is on the treatment of the back, shoulder, neck and extremities with different grips and fascia tools and includes all the basics of Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy®. In addition, the participants learn to apply methods for self-help to themselves and to the patient.

Evidence-based grips and studies are taught in combination, so that a practical implementation of scientific know-how and facts can be experienced and learned. This advanced training also gives a lot of room for one's own questions in direct implementation in everyday life. Experiences are discussed, knowledge is deepened and practiced directly on the whole body.

In addition to manual therapy, a new instrument-based method based on evidence is part of the training. Glued and hardened fascial tissue can regain suppleness and elasticity through alternating compressive and tensile loads. Using the Fascia-ReleaZer® as a self-help instrument and other tools, these receptors are positively stimulated in the tissue. This increases and accelerates the regeneration ability of the tissue.


  • Learning new techniques in neurophysiology, vegetative nervous system, fascial receptors, heart rate variability (HRV) - Training
  • 16 evidence-based studies on the topic of IFT
  • High sustainability and effectiveness
  • Proven rapid effectiveness of the handle sequences
  • Self-therapy methods for patients
  • Self-therapy measures for therapists
  • Manual, hand and instrument-based methods (Fascia-ReleaZer)


Event Location 

The 6-Day Certification Course will take place in the great Waldhotel Stuttgart. 

The location is easily accessible by public transport. 

A unique location in Stuttgart, surrounded by nature, which offers a perfect place for the IFT Certification Course.


Guest Speakers

Dr. Robert Schleip

Human biologist and graduate psychologist

Owner Fascia Research Group


Prof. Dr. David Martin

University Witten / Herdecke

Head of Faculty of Medical Theory, Integrative and Anthroposophical Medicine