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CIT Academy

Welcome to the CIT Academy in Stuttgart.

Your centre for seminars, workshops and trainings in the area of fasciae, pain and stress for lay persons, therapists, doctors and further medical specialisations.

The Center for Integrative Therapy in Stuttgart, founded by Christopher-Marc Gordon, has formed an outstanding interplay of clinical treatment, clinical research and teaching since 1990. Teaching in particular is an expression of experience from the hands-on treatment of over 100,000 patients and of many years of research within the CIT Research Institute.

The focus of the training and further education is on fascia therapy and resilience training, stress competence training, self-help therapy as well as high performance coaching for dancers, musicians and top athletes. Teaching is especially for "professionals" such as physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports scientists, masseurs, doctors or other medical professions, the general public and patients. The portfolio is supplemented by corporate industry trainings in health management.

The CIT Academy develops different products and registers patents, and publishes books e.g. "Leben ohne Stress und Schmerzen durch die neue Faszien-Selbsttherapie" by Fischer Verlag and written by Christopher-Marc Gordon.

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What is the Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy® method?


The Interdisciplinary Fascia Therapy (IFT®) was developed by Christopher Gordon for the treatment of acute and chronic pain for over 25 years. IFT® includes a combination of stress management, self-help and myofascial body therapy, based among other things on the treatment of trigger points and mechanoreceptors. The combination of all 3 therapeutic approaches enables a deactivation of trigger points and "pain and stress memory".

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If you are interested and have any questions about course registration and organisation, please call the Center for Integrative Therapy on 0711 23 66 321. We are looking forward to your call!

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